Workshops 2020

Artists 2020
We are delighted to announce our list of workshops for 2020.

All courses take place in The Stables Gallery and surrounding gardens. A list if materials required will be sent with booking confirmation and some materials will be available to purchase.

Tea and coffee are provided but please bring your own lunch. Basic kitchen equipment, including fridge and microwave, are available for use.

If you would like to book on any of the courses, please complete the booking form and further details will be sent to you.

Mix It Up with Frances Brock

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March 2020

Cost £205

Frances Brock
This course will offer you time and space to explore and experiment in a supportive environment, using all water-based media. We will create under-paintings using different textures , and consider how to develop them using our imaginations into interpretations of subjects, rather than literal representations. We'll use materials with which you are familiar, as well as that stuff at the back of the cupboard you've never really tried.

The examples are all small-scale, but this way of working can be adapted to any size or subject matter.
Day 1 we'll explore creating a variety of textures and patterns using the materials you bring. We'll go on to develop these under-paintings into more considered images on a small scale.
Day 2 we'll look at how to begin to interpret a subject, using this freer approach. You can work to whatever size you feel comfortable with.
We'll be studio-based, so you can work from sketch-books/failed work/any image that excites you. However, if the weather is fine, you may want to take advantage of the beautiful scenery around, to sketch or just get inspiration.


Turning The Tables with Philip Archer

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April 2020

Cost £205

Philip Archer Teaching
Philip Archer Teaching
Beginning with colourful still life settings, we will focus on colour and move towards abstract compositions, working in the medium of oil pastel. We will take inspiration from Matisse, Diebenkorn, Hitchens, Fedden and Alberto Morocco. We will explore ways of working with oil pastels, which were invented for Picasso, as a sophisticated art medium, by his art materials supplier Sennellier; we will draw with pencil and pastel, build up blocks of colour, build layer on layer to intensify colour and create rich surfaces as well as look at other methods for applying this medium.

Phil Archer was principal of Leith School of Art for 28 years and specialises in using the medium of oil pastels. Phil's most recent exhibitions of oil pastels have been at Leith School of Art, Gordon College, Mass., USA and Oseana, Bergen, Norway. Phil contributed the section on oil pastels for the Thames and Hudson book: 'Drawing and Painting; Materials and Techniques for Contemporary Artists' , edited by Kate Wilson (hardback) and the paperback version: 'The Artist's Everything Handbook'.


Painting Still-Life. Intuitive Geometry with David Thomas

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May 2020

Cost £205

David Thomas
In this two day course the participants will use painting and drawing from the object to gain an understanding of the role and uses of composition and geometry. The introduction of ideas from a surprising variety of sources will lead to a wider appreciation of painting of all genres.

David Thomas will use his wide knowledge of both painting and art history to ensure that everyone comes away with not only a painting but also practical skills, which can be built on and used in future art making. As well as composition you will be able to learn about paint mixing & mediums, grounds; Participants will also find out just how flexible and subtle oil paint can be.

David has been painting since leaving art college in Cardiff in 1988. As well as setting up two studios with his wife, the ceramicist Anna Lambert, he has taught at Keighley and Craven Colleges, run workshops at Bradford Girls Grammar School and been artist in residence at Craven Museum in Skipton. He has also exhibited widely.


Magnitude | Miniature with Eleanor White

Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd October 2020

Cost £205

Eleanor White
This course will suit people who would like to explore materials, play, and build up a body of small work that has at its heart an intuitive and abstracted content.

The surrounding landscape or natural forms may act as inspiration but the course will guide you towards making decisions about the qualities of the marks you make and the potential that these intuitive marks have to make abstracted landscape or natural form based work. The day will start by working on large sheets of paper with bold and expressive marks then moving into small work that aims to carry the same weight and vitality displayed in the larger scale work.

This course will offer a space to play and create with an open ended outcome where participants will explore freely the use of materials , building knowledge of the intrinsic qualities of certain materials and surfaces and by the end of the course have some jewel like experiments that have process and learning at their centre. A course suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists as guided tuition and demonstrations will be part of the course.